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Monday, August 5, 2013

How do we control the uncontrollable? You don't!

Your question:  What if my boss makes me do something I think is pointless and I don't want to do?

My answer:  You either do it or lose your job.  Seriously.  You can fight all you want, but in the end you know who's going to win: they are.  Recently our bosses decided they wanted everyone in the hospital to provide human resources with a high school diploma.  So I, for example, have been working at Shoreline for 15 years, and now all of a sudden I can't work unless I show my diploma?  It makes no sense.  I have absolutely no idea where my diploma is.  But, I have no choice but to go out of my way to find one.  The alternative is to get a job where the bosses do things that make sense.

There are certain things we as RT have no control over: we just have to deal with them.  So how do you control the uncontrollable?  You don't.  The truth is, in the real world, you lose every day.  They don't tell you that when you're a kid.


steve respiratory said...

sounds like you had a rough day. I know the world can be daunting at times but it truly is how you perceive it to be. Yes there's dumb people hiring dumber people so they can feel great about themselves, and we are left to deal with their stupidity. That doesn't mean you are destine to lose every time. Play life like chess and you'll win a lot more at life. Most people are looking for something now. Just as in chess you have to plan your moves. If you are not happy with your management, become one of them. That is a place where you truly can change the outcomes of your department. Life is frustrating, here in america we believe this because we truly have no clue of what it is like to be without. The securities we take for granted and the hardships we do not endure. Life is pain, we shouldn't take for granted the good days, the victories, and the accomplishments. It's hard not to get sucked into everyday life, but we truly are as significant as a skin cell in this universe. Now focus on a strategy to work or deal with your administration, or pursue that dream that is on your back burner and just do what ever your work ask of you. We all have a chance to do something, that something is up to you. Be that mutated skin cell that protects the body from sun better than any other cell around it.

Rick Frea said...

What do you mean we have no clue what it is like to be without? I am an RT and my wife is a nurse, and my wife and I can barely pay our bills while living frugally. I imagine about 50 percent or more of Americans live the same way. So to say that Americans don't know what it is like to life without, is a generalization, and not true. Part of life is learning how to cope with that of which we cannot change, such as taxes and ignorance.