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Monday, April 22, 2013

Nick's Crusade and Superdude Comics

The great thing about being a blogger is I get to meet some really neat people.  I've met fellow respiratory therapists like me, fellow asthmatics, and even some really cool people with other lung conditions.  Today I met another neat blogger by the name of Nick Dupree.

He introduced himself to me by making a comment on one of my older posts.  This is one of the methods we bloggers use to introduce ourselves to each other.  We do this for a couple reasons: 1) we bloggers tend to be alike, and we're generally passionate about what we do, 2) we get the word out about our various blogs. 

So I checked out Nick's blog and he seems to have an equal passion for writing as I do.  He's written quite a bit about disability rights, and to make sure politicians work to protect the so called inalienable rights. You can agree or disagree with what he writes, although you have to love the passion. 

And you have to check out these cool comics.  Man, this guy is an impeccable writer and artist. I checked out a few of these and I'm very impressed. One thing I've considered doing lately is quitting writing so I can pick up the hobby of painting instead, yet this guy seems to have time for art and writing.  

And did I mention that he's vent dependent.  He said, "Sometimes RTs are relieved to see me, giving me a look like OMG finally something RT-necessary!"  Sad to say, he's right.  

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