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Monday, December 24, 2012

The priorities in my life

Being it's the holiday season and all, I've decided to take a time out here to write a little about my self.  Here's your chance to get to know me if you don't already.

God:  I fear him, and for good reason.

Wife:  I fear her, and for good reason.  She is the most special person in my life, my best friend, and the reason I am what I am today.  Seriously, I could not do this without her.

Kids:  They give me purpose and make sure I look at the grander picture as opposed to what's right before my eyes.  I find my kids absorb a majority of my non-working time.  And, for the record, I have one kid in each age group:  one teenager (14), one adolescent (9), one toddler (4) and one baby (2).  So if I seem distant or invisible at times, just think of how many practices and events I attend with my older kids, and catering to the needs of my younger kids.  Parenting is a lot of work, although it's very rewarding.  Still, it provides little time for the things down on this list.

Work:  I'm a respiratory therapist and I love my job and the people I work with.  Surely there are flaws in this profession, but it does allow me time to do this and to meet some wonderful people.  So I am thankful for that.  Plus it's a good job for an asthmatic, of which I am.

Other people:

  • Friends:  I'm not really a social person.  I do not like crowds, even if it's all family members.  Yet if you invite me out to dinner I'll probably accept.  
  • Fellow bloggers:  It's amazing how many people I've met on the Internet who've become my good friends.  I do have to admit I haven't given you guys as much attention as I'd like to due to the other priorities listed above -- i.e. kids.  

Other things:  

  • Country:  I love being a U.S. Citizen.  I love the document that makes it all possible, and I believe the principles that established it are rock solid, not ever changing.  Principles do not change, and people should remember that.  I wish more people would take note of that.  
  • Exercise:  There is not excuse for not finding time for this.  It is the string that makes everything else in your life work.  When it's not done, things just don't work as well.  
  • Respiratory Therapy Cave:  It allows me a place to organize my thoughts about the profession I'm wrapped in.  My blogs are really the only things in my life I have complete control of. 
  • Hardluck Asthma:  It allows me a place to organize my thoughts about the disease I'm wrapped in.  
  • Baseball:  Justin Verlander, Cabrerra, Prince -- nuff said.
  • Politics:  It amazes me how many people don't care.  I do.  
  • Beer:  Peace; relaxation

You may have noticed I've placed all the above in order of priority.

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