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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to deal with annoying people

Last week I dealt with how to deal with stupid people, and today I'm going to discuss how to deal with annoying people.  If you read my post from last week you'll see that the definition of stupid can be spurious and knowing who's stupid can be a matter of opinion.  Yet "annoying" is purely speculative, and simpler to define.

Defined according to  irritatingly bothersome.

Ah, so there are a lot of people who qualify for this definition.  Examples include the person who has a different political opinion as you who continues to gloat that his man won and yours lost.  He continues to nag that his opinion is right and yours is wrong.

I'm not talking about a simple difference in opinion here.  Most of my friends have a different political opinion as I do, and we still debate politics and then kiss and make up (figuratively speaking here).  So difference of opinion doesn't qualify, necessarily, as annoying.

Why do people vote for that guy?  They must be stupid.  But stupid can be spurious and speculative, and annoying IS speculative.  YOU define annoying.  Anybody can be smart or stupid in different ways, so it's difficult to call someone stupid.  For example, that guy has an annoying opinion, but it seems to be based on facts.  So, I can't call him stupid, but I can call him annoying.

See?  Regardless if I'm making my point here, let's delve into how to deal with annoying people.

  1. Be patient.  Know that everyone has a bad day.  
  2. Be silent.  This will show you're better side.  This will set you above every one else.  
  3. Really Annoying.  Kindly state how you feel.  If you don't, the annoyingness may never end.  
  4. Know you cannot change other people.  A liberal will still be a liberal at the end of the day, and the same for conservatives.  You don't have to educate everyone.  See rule #2.
  5. Take a deep breath. 
  6. Listen to the other person
  7. Know when it's a lost cause
  8. Know when you'd be better to follow rule #2
I'm not saying I'm perfect here, but I think rule #2 is the best.  Maybe I ought to put it #1.  

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