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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ellen and Bronchodilitator

As I entered his room he was watching "Ellen" the TV show.  I said, "Do you want me to turn the channel for you.  I know you don't want to watch this garbage."  He smiled and said, "No, it's OK."

Right then his wife came in, and even though she didn't hear what I said, she felt she needed to defend what her husband was watching.  She said, "He's so used to watching Ellen with me he now likes it."  

So I sat in a chair, chumming with my patient and his wife, and watched Ellen.  The topic Ellen was discussing was "Facebook."  She showed some funny things people put as their daily updates, and even funnier responses.  The first one was this:

  • How can we make wkends longer
  • Easy, you can spell it weekends
  • I don't get it
So I decided to make my own Facebook update
  • How can you make a bronchodilator work better
  • Easy, you can spell it bronchodilitator
  • I don't get it
Ironically, I walked into my next patient's room -- a male, and he too was watching Ellen.  It's a nice show, yet I was looking forward to watching the Tigers, which were on Fox Sports Detroit that night.  


Anonymous said...

You are the kind of person that really doesn't get how you come off to other people. The fact that your Pt's wife had to defend her husband is proof you put people on the defense. You are either young or dumb. Also you didn't understand the joke from your other Pt??.. Again this says to to me you are really slow on the up take. Either way you need to strive to evolve. Maybe next time ask a question to see how they feel about the show before you go putting in your 2 cents. Good luck, I think you will need it.

Rick Frea said...

So you're saying I can't have fun with my patients?