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Friday, January 20, 2012

Can a respiratory therapist cure all dyspnea

Today we tackle your humble questions:

Your humble question:  Can a respiratory therapist cure all dyspnea?

My humble answer:  Contrary to popular wisdom, a respiratory therapist cannot treat all dyspnea.  What is dyspnea?  It's the feeling of air hunger.  It's the feeling you can't catch your breath.  If it's not caused by bronchospasm, then the respiratory therapist cannot treat it with his magic potion called Albuterol.  If it's CHF dyspnea, or renal failure dyspnea, or metabolic dyspnea or emphysema dyspnea or any dyspnea other than asthma, then a respiratory therapist cannot cure it.  In the case of non bronchospasm, the only remedy is either rest or a call to the physician to resolve the underlying condition.

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