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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reason for being educator

One of the main reasons she took on a job as RT educator is not necessarily because she wanted the job per se, but because she didn't want anyone else to have the job.

She didn't want someone doing her annual check offs on all the equipment who knew less than she did.

She didn't want someone who was a complainer or someone who was a slacker teaching her.

She wanted to make sure whomever was doing the teaching was an expert in the area she was

The only person she could trust with that job was herself. So, in that regard, she forced herself into being the educator.

And considering she and I were the ones in our department who dis all the research, she and I stay up on things.

Sure we found that quite often the other RTs know more than we do in a particular area, or regarding a particular piece of equipment, at which time we humbly listen and learn.

If all of our administrators had this skill, perhaps morale would be higher.

Now she is retired, and I have the job for the same reasons.

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