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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What would medical field be like if...

A lot of breathing treatments -- 80% I believe -- are not indicated. Could you imagine what the healthcare industry would be like if other therapies were abused as breathing treatments are?

Just think, what would the medical field be like if, just because someone had gas pain, the doctor said, "Well, I guess we better have that bowel removed."

Or, just because the patient was having trouble expectorating thick secretions despite a strong, agonizing cough, "Well, we better have RT come in here and suction this patient."

Or, every time a patient had a sat lower than 95 we gave lasix.

Or every time a patient had a headache we sent the patient to surgery for a lobotomy.

Thankfully abuse of those techniques have costly side effects. Breathing treatments are safe, and therefore -- much like EKGs -- are over ordered.

Perhaps the same is true of Tylenol.

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