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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A virus forced me to take a vacation from RT Cave

While it only takes one day to get burned out, it takes at least five days to get un-burned out. That's where I stand right now, on day #5 of being off. But that, my fellow readers, is not why I haven't posted here at the RT Cave the past four days.

Despite all the spyware on my computer, I caught a virus. It was one of those where every time I logged onto the Internet an anti-virus company had it's ad on my screen saying I had many viruses on my computer, and the only way to get rid of the viruses was to buy the product offered.

It was quite obvious to me that the same company who wanted me to pay to get rid of the virus was the same crooked company that put the virus on my computer. It's fraud plain as day. Yet how do little folks like you and me prove who put that virus on my computer? From what I've learned, it's nearly impossible to prosecute these thugs.

So it took my brother in law five days to read up on and figure out how to remove the virus. And that's where I stand right now. Finally, after a nice vacation from the Internet, I am back on here.

However, I have to say, taking a vacation from the Internet is not so bad. It was actually quite nice to take a vacation not only from work, but from the Internet as well. And three consecutive nights with 12 hours sleep helped as well. The result is that my burnout is gone. I hope it stays that way.

Yet, as all medical workers know, while it may take five days to get un-burned out, it only takes one busy night at the hospital to get all re-burned out again.

The ironic thing about this profession, though, is that if it's not busy at work, work can be a vacation in and of itself. Well, we'll have to wait and see how it is tomorrow when I do return to work.

Great to be back.

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