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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What % of night shifters do not drink coffee???

I read a post in Time magazine about coffee. It was a long article, so about half way through I nearly quit. The part of the article I read talked up coffee to the point I was thinking I should start drinking it.

Then, for some reason, I decided to read the rest of the post. I'm glad I did, because it brought me back down to reason. Sure, coffee is a natural drug that has many benefits. It does make you feel good. It improves your alertness and mood. It has even been proven to decrease depression and anxiety.

However, once you drink it for a while (get addicted I might as well say), it takes 1-2 cups of coffee just to get up to the happiness of a person who doesn't drink coffee. And then you have to have 2 more to get the happiness (or wakefulness) you used to get with one cup.

So, I decided, I might as well continue not drinking it.

That in mind, I wonder what percentage of night shift workers drink coffee? I'm quite certain I'm in the minority as a non-coffee drinker.

Perhaps a poll is in order. Still, I bet I'm in the minority as one of the few night shif workers who do not drink coffee.


Diana Lyn said...

I don't work, yet, so I don't think I'd really count, but I haven't had an all-nighter for school in maybe a year, now? I refuse to drink coffee and the last time I did (for that all-nighter) I felt so sick the next day. That experience just makes me not want to drink coffee anymore. I resort to herbal teas and hot chocolate (even though that has some caffeine in it). Even then, I don't drink stuff like that on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

funny you post this. Im on day 11 of no caffeine!! as a night shifter, if i didnt get my enery drink (blue monsters) -i know horrible- on the way to work then my cup on coffee around 11pm I was not a happy camper and my brain would not turn on! ha.. so with this high level of caffeine i was an addict and it just keep gettin worse then i would have to take sleeping aid in the morning to stay asleep till basically i quit cold turkey!! and it has been way better, i do have those kicks where i crave caffeine and that high sooo bad but i get pass it ha!

oldmanskates said...

I work 7p to 7a; I have a soda around midnight and 1 cup of coffee about 4am. I might sip just a little during morning report but that's more of a social gesture ;)