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Monday, January 19, 2009

Few of us appreciate our time on this planet

I was busy last night.

A patient asked me, "Are you busy?"

I said, "Yes,"

She said, "Good. Time goes by so much faster when you are busy."

I hate it when people say that cliche. I'm so tired of hearing it. The truth is, time goes by at the same speed whether you are busy or not. The only way time speeds up is if you are traveling at a high rate of speed or...

You see, if I'm not busy doing RT stuff at work, I'm busy doing other things. I'm not the kind of person who can sit around wasting time -- being bored, playing games, gossipping.

No. That's not for me. And it's moments like this that have me wondering if I really am a rare breed. Most people probably are bored when they are not busy. I'm never bored. When it's slow, I find productive, mind entertaining things to do -- like reading, like blogging, like thinking.

Most people, I suppose, would rather be busy doing senseless things than thinking and reading and blogging. And that's why people like me --- and you guys -- are a rare breed.

Perhaps that explains why few people blog.

"Are you busy?"


"Great. Then time will go by faster."

Who would want time to go by faster? Only those who don't appreciate every single moment.

Yep. The faster time goes by, the less you can accomplish in your life. Or do you not have any goals like I do.

Am I the only person who has goals? I have things I want to accomplish before I die. Every moment I think: If I died right now, some things would go undone, some things would never be accomplished.

Some of us appreciate our time on this planet, but I have a distinct feeling that most people have no clue why they are even here, and it's those people who would say things like, "time goes by a lot faster when you are busy."


Trauma Junkie said...

Great post!

One could take a lot from this and apply it to their life.

As hard as it is to sometimes sit back and enjoy each day one second at a time, it really is worth in the long run, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. More people should take advantage of their free time. However, she was a patient, and, as I'm sure you know from your experiences as a child, nothing goes slower than time in the hospital, so I can see why speeding things up would be appealing to her.

Glenna said...

Totally agree! I also hate/don't understand when people say "I'm bored". I just don't relate. Like you, I have so many things going on and I have so many hobbies and passions that I'm NEVER bored. I could never be bored because there's so much to learn and see and do in life. I don't get it when people say that.

Freadom said...

Yes. I don't allow my kids ever to say they are bored. If they say they are bored I hand them a book, make them write in a journal, take a walk, call a freind. My grandma did the same for me as a kid, and I'm thankful.