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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slow time

Holy, cow!! I've been off on vacation and come back to a patient load of... well, lets just say it ain't much. I might have to have one of you guys call me in the night to keep me awake.

Of course things could change in a heart beat(pun intended.)

It's not so bad, though, coming back to work to basically nothing. It means I get to ease my way back into action. Well, I suppose the way it looks I might not have to ease my way into anything.

But, as you all know, things CAN change around here in a heart beat.

I might have time to catch up on some blogging that I've been lagging on the past month. Perhaps I might even find time (like if it were lost or something) to write something useful on this blog. If it stays slow...

Yet in a heartbeat that could change.

I thought maybe with the economy being so in the doldrums lately there would be a bunch of depressed COPDers or chronic heart patients having the big one or something. But, not at this hospital.

That could change in a heart beat, though.

So, how are things where you work? Do you have any patients?

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keepbreathing said...

We depend heavily on "snowbirds" and people fleeing the cold to increase our patient census...and with the economy, a lot of them just aren't coming south.

We've also been losing a lot of elective procedures lately because people can't afford them, or the time away from work.

Last year at this time we were slammin' busy. And while it's not the doldrums we had in mid-July, it's not the October we're used to, either.