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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The frivolouis holiday rush is imminent

Here we have the 3rd of July, and the beginning of a long four day weekend here at Shoreline. With all the vacationers in this neck of the woods, there's bound to be a fair share of chest pains and short-of-breathers.

Likewise, there will be a fair share of people who are bored with nothing else to do on a holiday who will stumble into the ER.

As soon as I arrived here I was called to do an EKG in ER, and as I walked past triage, I was hit with my first sample of this.

I heard the nurse ask:

"So how long have you had this rash?"

The patient said, "Two weeks."

Ah, the stuff we see on a holiday weekend. Fortunately for us RTs, we only have to deal with a certain small percentage of these patients.

I have a feeling my readers will have better things to do over the 4th of July holiday, like celebrate our Independence, and spending time with families. So I'm not going to publish anything to deep this weekend.

I think what I will do here is keep tabs on all the ridiculous and frivolous reasons people mosey into our ER this weekend. I highly doubt I'll be surprised, for once a few years back this 18-year-old came in on the 4th because he had a mole on his penis.

Behind the curtain I heard:

"You have nothing better to do on the 4th?" the doctor asked.

"Well, ahh, I...uh...," the patient said.

"Well, pull down your pants."


Amy said...


This is great! I'm off for the day but can't wait to read more like this tomorrow.

Happy 4th!

my-rt-life said...

I'm somewhat of a history buff, so that website is really cool.

Thanks for the link.