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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The last thing I want to think about is... work

Sometimes the best part of working is not working. The days off are the best part of having a good job. The being able to actually take a day, or a week in my case, away from the workplace to stop and smell the roses.

Well, there are no roses out right now, but the cool, refreshing 59 degree breeze that's out there is very refreshing, especially after that long and dreary winter we had this year. Man, it seemed that snow was never going to go away.

But it did. And my kids and I have been getting out as much as we can these past few days and enjoying every moment of it. In a way, these first few warm days are kind of similar to those days in Florida in the middle of winter. We appreciate every moment of it.

So, need it be said, that respiratory therapy is the furthest thing from my mind these past few days. And, considering how busy it was the past few weeks at Shoreline, the last thing I want to think about right now is respiratory therapy stuff. I want to stay far away from that as I can.

Funny thing, I'm not even on vacation right now, just my regular days off. Well deserved I say.

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