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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A little remodeling of the RT Cave

Slowly but surely I'm going to make some changes here at the RT Cave that should make this a more organized blog and, at the same time, make things a little easier for me.

I see that some bloggers have certain things they write about on certain days. What's the word for this? A feature?

For example, I started a couple weeks ago a Monday feature where I respond to some of the web search queries that link people to my blog. This is nice because I know exactly I'm going to focus in on every Monday.

Initially I started doing this because I never work on Monday, and it's one of those days I have trouble revving up the creative writing juices, and if I can just focus in on answering questions that make my blogging day easier -- plus it's fun.

A case in point was yesterday. While most days I can think of 100 things to write, and have to force myself to hone in on one subject, and make it pithy and interesting, yesterday I couldn't think of a dog gone thing to write about. So I simply linked you to someone else's blog.

Then I'm lying in bed in the middle of the night thinking, "Wait a minute! I did have something to write about. I completely forgot about my Monday feature." Oops.

So I'm going to publish that today -- Tuesday.

That in mind, Tuesday is another day I usually struggle to hone in my creativity, so I've decided to start a feature on Tuesdays, and I'm going to cater it to something along the lines of: "Everything RTs need to know about..."

It will be something along the lines of these three articles.

Liikewise, sometimes I might do a review of something I learned in RT school but forgot, such as the oxyhemoglobin disassociation curve, the a-A ratio and how it can be used to help determine whether hypoxia is caused by a shunt or a VQ mismatch, and things like that.

On Wednesdays I'm going to do a third feature, and I'm going to cater this to my other audience: patients and their families. I will cater this day to writing about asthma and other diseases.

It will be something along the lines of these articles.

The reason I have avoided doing this to this point is that for the most part I like to write about whatever is on my mind for that particular day. For example, if I experience an interesting situation at work I blog about it as soon as I get the chance. If I come up with some good RT humor, I blog about it right away.

I'll still be able to do this, as I will save the rest of the week for these so called extemperaneous posts. How's that for a big word.

Plus you might see a few guest bloggers from time to time, as you can see I've already registered my sagacious co-worker Jane Sage. Not only is she the god of RT wisdom, she's extremely funny, and has helped me come up with quite a few 'olins.

My goal from the day I started this was to create a nice banner for up on top of this page, but that still hasn't come to fruition. One of these days I'll have one of my artist friends whip me up something and figure out how to get it up there.

As far as my 'olin list, I don't know if anyone of you other Blogger Bloggers have experienced this, but I don't seem to have access to the ability to edit the bottom half of my page, and that's why I haven't updated my list of 'olins in the past few months.

Plus the spell check here doesn't work for half the time, so if you see a spelling error you know why. I rely on that thing.

One of these days I might just give up on Blogger and change web servers. However, I have no clue how I would do this, nor if it would be worth the effort. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, they always say.

We'll see how this goes. Since this is my blog, I have a right to skip a week or give up on these ideas all together.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I was wondering about Monday's "class*--NOT that I'm complaining since you pimped my site instead. :)

These new features sound great. I'm looking forward to checking them out. I use regular features on my tough days--Wednesdays because I'm tired like everyone else in the middle of the week and Saturdays b/c I want to post at least one day on the weekend but I don't usually have time for a fully thought-out article.