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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snowmobiles make sledding twice as fun

When we were kids we had plenty of hills behind our house to go sledding on. There were small ones for when we were little, and then their were big and steep ones for when we were older.

We even had one hill with a great big jump on it if you were brave enough to try it, because right after you landed you had to quickly jump off your sled or run into a big pine tree.

Whichever hill we used, we always had to trudge back up. This was probably one of the best ways we stayed fit and trim during the long winter months.

When my son was four I remember taking him sliding at my parents home on the same hills I used to slide on when I was that age, and I had to carry him up the hill. This was a blast for my son, and it was great seeing him so happy. However, after doing this four or five times I was exhausted.

Those days are gone. Yesterday I took my 4 YO daughter to one of my nursing freind's homes to go sliding (the son was at school), and instead of hauling our kids back up the hill we tied the sled to the back of a snowmobile. Not only was this a blast for the kids, it was a blast for us adults too.

And when we were done sliding we took turns letting our kids drive the snowmobile. Of course we had to put our thumbs behind the gas to prevent the kids from going to fast, because they have a natural tendency to do just that. It was a blast.

We didn't get the work out we used to, and that coupled with the hot chocolate and brownies that were dished out afterwords might even cause us to add a few pounds instead of the opposite.

Nonetheless, this was a great way for the both of us to relax and forget about life for a while; to forget about how busy it was at work over the weekend; to forget that we have to go back to that place sought to forget the next night.

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