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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reporting in from Florida

When my son was four he was a saint traveling. I suppose he spoiled us, because my daughter isn't so tame. While my son is content to play his Nintendo DS, or read a book, my daughter wants something new to do every ten minutes or so.

One of the greatest forms of child entertainment ever invented for people who like to travel with their children, like us, is the portable DVD player. You just plug it into what used to be used for lighting cigarettes and voila, instant entertainment.

Thirty minutes into the ride and we found our DVD player wasn't working, so we already had to make a pitstop -- at Walmart.

So, we made it. It's warm and sunny.


Breathingthroughschool said...

Enjoy your vacation! DVD players are a great distraction. I wish they had them when we were younger!

Djanvk said...

Enjoy the warmth, here in northern Illinois is was -5 when I got into work tonight at 2230, not sure what the windchill was.

Enjoy you deserve it.